How To Get More
Customers... NOW!

Executive Class Advertising & Marketing will help you discover the easy way to get your business in front of more new customers everyday and get the sales process started immediately and automatically.
Rule #1

Put Yourself Ahead Of the Competition
This is a high priority rule. Your website should be ranked on page one of the search engines; Google, Bing, Yahoo, etc.

Fact:  Prospective new customers will do more business with
           companies whose search engine listing they can see
           quickly and easily.

Rule #2

Get The Sales Process Started Immediately
When this rule is properly applied, the sales process will begin immediately and automatically. Prospective new customers will actually initiate contact with you to get more information about your product or service. Your website should be ready to auto- matically collect their contact information and their preferences. The information that you collect is "golden" and should be integrated into your selling process.
reading to learn how to get more customers by applying these simple, yet very effective marketing techniques.

Getting More Customers And
Increasing Sales: Two Simple Rules
Learn how to get more customers for your business fast and easy.
How Will You Win The Battle For New Customers?
In an ongoing battle over how to get more customers, being on the first page of the search engines is no longer an option; it’s an absolute necessity. Studies have already shown that when internet users can satisfy their needs on the first page of the
“Being on the first page of the internet search engines is no longer an option; it’s an absolute necessity.”
search engines, the majority will not even proceed to the second page.
you want to win the battle over getting more customers, you have to be where customers will see you…  and that’s on page one of the search engines... Google in particular.
Your Website Should Begin The Sales Process Immediately And Automatically… But How?
After you’ve applied effective search engine optimization (SEO), how will you turn that newly acquired
internet traffic into paying customers?
The best way is to open up a two-way communication. This can be done by providing a free quote form, or an opinion/survey form, newsletter, etc.*  The main idea behind this strategy is to get a prospective customer involved with your product or service and then collect their contact information (name, phone number and email address). Once this is accomplished, the sales process has begun. Now it’s up to you
how it will be taken to the next level. You know the best way to sell what your company offers. Use these newly open lines of communication to make every sales effort count.
* An invitation for prospective customers to fill out your form should be placed prominently on the landing page of your website.
Save Money And Get More traffic by Avoiding
Pay-Per-Click(PPC) Marketing Campaigns

86% of search engine users report that they trust organic (natural) search results over paid results. In fact, internet users will click on a natural listing three times more often than a paid listing. Also, the amount of internet traffic that will become your customers through an organic listing is 17% higher than through paid listings.
to the high amount of “click fraud “ and because our clients enjoy a higher ROI (return on investment), we create only natural first page listings.
The SEO Mystique
When you understand the principles of SEO (search engine optimization), there’s nothing mysterious or overly complicated about it. Most SEO companies, however, would have you believe just the opposite. In fact, they need you to believe that it’s complicated and mysterious so that they can keep charging the “big bucks”.
Reach your target market with pinpoint accuracy.
Our Ultimate Search Engine Optimization will connect you to potential new customers who are searching, right now, for your product or service. Why delay?
Learn how to get more customers now.
• No costly pay-per-click campaigns!
• No ridiculous up-front fees.
• No monthly fees.
If your site doesn't achieve a page one ranking within 90 days, we'll refund your entire purchase price.  
Compare. Most companies charge thousands of dollars annual- ly for search engine optimization (SEO). Some companies even charge up to $5,000.00 monthly - and almost nobody will guarantee their performance. They expect you to take all the risk. But, why should you?
The internet is not just a
marketing option...
it's a marketing necessity.
Start Getting More Customers In About Two Weeks
Take the next step. Have your website placed on page one of Google, Yahoo, etc...
Simply make a one-time payment of just .....
We have a 98.7% success rate. Nearly every one of our clients has achieved a page one ranking in the major search engines - Google, Yahoo, etc.
Dan Hunter - owner
Penn Street Self Storage
Whittier CA
“Pure genius! My website went from page six of Google to page one. The number of visitors to my website has increased by 400%!  It’s truly amazing.”
Your website should get prospective customers to do one or more of the following:
1. Request more information.
2. Pick up the phone and call
3. Buy now with a credit card
It connects you to your target market with pinpoint accuracy.
It places you directly in front of the people who are looking for what you have to offer.
It's the fastest growing form of advertsing.
Consumers use it 36% more often than the Yellow Pages.*
It costs less than fifty-five cents per day.
It Works!
It's definitely cheap advertising,
but the results are AMAZING!
* independent surveys 2009, 2010
How To Get More Customers
How To Get More Customers
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